Different Methods For Redesigning Your Kitchen's Concrete Subflooring

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Different Methods For Redesigning Your Kitchen's Concrete Subflooring

22 April 2016
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Altering your concrete subflooring is a good way to replace the floor in your kitchen. By changing the concrete, you can minimize the supplies needed to complete the work. However, before altering the flooring, you need to more about the different design methods, so you can choose the right one for your kitchen.

Stain It

Your first option is to alter the color of the concrete. One way to do this is by staining the concrete the color of your choosing.

The first staining method is a water-based product that seeps into the pores of the concrete to change the color. Typically, this type of stain only coats the top layer of the concrete and in most cases it resembles a very thin, even layer of paint once it dries.

For a more dramatic effect, you can choose an acid-based stain, which reacts to the minerals within the concrete. The acid changes the color of each mineral to create a more marbleized appearance, which is similar to natural stone flooring.

It is important to note that both of these stains are suitable for high traffic areas. Most stains will not chip, crack or discolor, which makes them an ideal coloring option for your concrete subflooring.

Cut It

Cutting a design into the concrete is another way of enhancing your kitchen flooring. You can use a simple or complex cutting pattern to create a unique floor design for your kitchen.

For example, if you choose to use an acid stain, you can complete the look by having a concrete contractor cut straight lines in the shapes of squares. This option allows you to create the look of stone tiles.

Another option is to cut a specific pattern into the concrete and then apply the stain to the different areas. This option gives you a way to add multiple colors to the flooring, but you do not have to risk the colors bleeding into each other.

You should be aware that concrete cutting is not a simple process. You need specialized tools and blades to make sure the concrete does not crack during the process. For this reason, it is best to hire a concrete contractor to handle any cutting you desire.

Replacing your kitchen flooring with new materials can be a daunting task. To help minimize the amount of materials you need to buy and install, it is a good option to look into altering the concrete subflooring of your kitchen.

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