What Should You Do About An Old Bathtub?

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What Should You Do About An Old Bathtub?

23 April 2016
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Because you use your bathtub daily, you may become blind to its faults. The scrapes and dings just become part of the landscape. However, not everyone is blind to the problem. Visitors can probably see what you can't: Your tub is bringing down the look of your entire bathroom. If you have this problem, you can choose from several options.

New Tub

A brand new tub itself does not cost that much. However, replacing your old tub can be a costly experience. The labor costs involved add up because your old tub has to be removed and disposed of. Doing this job yourself can backfire simply because you may damage your plumbing while you try to get the tub out.

If you really want to replace your tub, you may want to consider a total bathroom remodel. Having a contractor demo and redo the interior may sound expensive, but by the time you buy a tub, rent the necessary tools, pay for the bathtub disposal, and fix the flooring, the cost of hiring a professional may well be less than your own amateur efforts. Plus, your plumbing will be in professional hands.

Tub Liner

Some companies produce custom tub liners to fit your old tub. These companies team with local contractors or representatives who come to your home to take exact measurements. They then send in these measurements to the company. After a period of weeks, your liner will arrive. The representative can have the new liner installed in about six hours, including trimming and sealing it.


You can also choose to have your tub reglazed. You can hire a contractor who will apply an acid to your tub. This step makes the surface rough so that the glaze will stick. The professional then polishes the tub, leaving it with a new and attractive finish. Often, your older tub will actually be a better model than any of the new tubs you can buy. They are heavier and better made, so keeping your old tub may be the best choice for you.

Both a new tub liner or reglazing will cost less than having your old tub replaced. Experts recommend only replacing the tub when you are doing a complete remodel due to all the additional work that can be required for the interior demolition. You do not have to settle for a worn-out looking tub. You have several choices for making your bathtub visually pleasing once more.