No Fuss, No Muss: Simple Ideas You Can Adopt For Ready Mix Concrete

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No Fuss, No Muss: Simple Ideas You Can Adopt For Ready Mix Concrete

26 April 2016
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If you have an idea that might involve concrete, or you are not sure how to transform an outdoor area, ready-mix concrete might be the solution for all of the above. Ready-mix concrete (from an outlet such as Jersons Concrete) is already the right consistency of concrete, water and solidifying and drying agents. Add to the fact that there are several concrete companies that now offer ready-mix concrete delivery and your projects and ideas are even easier to complete. Here are some simple ideas for no fuss, no muss ready-mix concrete that you can adopt for your yard and home.  

Casting Your Own Hollywood Boulevard Stars

If you feel that everyone in your family deserves a star on the Hollywood walk of fame, why not make your own? There are plaster molds in all shapes and sizes that you can buy, including stars. When you order a small batch of ready-made concrete and have it delivered, set the stars out in the yard where you want them to go. They could lead out into the garden like stepping stones or replace the concrete slabs in your walkway up to your front door. Then the concrete, when it arrives, is poured directly into the molds and smoothed out. Finally, each member of the family can place his or her hands and feet or shoe prints into the wet concrete before it completely sets. If you use the stars to replace your walkway, you can fill in the areas around the stars with colored aggregate to mimic the marble that surrounds the stars on the real walk of fame.

Sunken Garden

You will need to remove some soil from the area where you want to place your sunken garden. A foot deep is more than adequate. Next, the ready-mix concrete is poured into this earthen dugout (you choose the shape, although squares and rectangles are pretty common). A flat, slab base of concrete about a couple inches thick lines the bottom. Industrial bricks are used to create the walls of the sunken garden. The bricks need to be turned such that the holes in the middles face inward and the original, solid sides of the bricks become the tops and bottoms. The remaining concrete you ordered cements the bricks in place and adheres them to each other. The holes allow the natural flow of moisture, earthworms, and nutrients to reach the soil and the plants you place inside your sunken garden.