3 Innovations That Can Change The Driveway Renovating Process

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3 Innovations That Can Change The Driveway Renovating Process

29 April 2016
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If it has been a while since you have renovated your driveway, you may not be aware of the innovations that have changed the process for the better. When looking for a concrete contractor to pour a driveway or perform some routine maintenance, ask about if they use any of the following the things.

Concrete Blankets

You may run into problems when pouring your driveway, even when the weather seems perfect. A sudden decline in temperature can lead to ice or snow collecting on the surface, or prevent the concrete from curing quickly.

A concrete blanket is just what it sounds like. It is a blanket that you lay over the concrete as it cures. Not only does having a physical blanket help protect the concrete from water and debris, but the blanket plugs into your electrical outlet to activate the internal heating element. It keeps the concrete warm, which helps the concrete cure faster when the temperature outside is cold.

Concrete blankets are waterproof, so they are designed to withstand outdoor elements like snow.

Push Sweepers

Over time, debris that is ignored on a driveway can cause damage. This can even happen with something as simple as a pile of dead leaves. Moisture will get trapped underneath the leaves, which can build up and dissolve minerals in the cement. The end result will be stains that are incredibly difficult to remove

If you want to protect your cement, then you should try to keep it clean. The best way to do that is with a power sweeper. The powerful brushes not only allow the job to get done faster, but help clean more effectively. It takes minimal effort to power sweep a driveway and remove all the debris that could cause damage over time.

Liquid Cement

A crack can easily develop on a driveway, which will make the cement look damaged and old. Ignoring a crack will only cause it to become larger, and potentially turn into a pothole. Thankfully, you can easily fill a crack with liquid cement.

Liquid cement is essentially a crack filler that you can place directly into a damaged part of a driveway. It takes a couple days to dry, and it will turn gray to match the cement. The material is temperature resistant, helping it withstand extreme hot or cold temperatures that can cause cement to breakdown.

If you need help doing any of these things, speak with a concrete contractor in your area.