Three Lesser-Known Methods Of Gravel Hauling You Can Use As A Concrete Contractor

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Three Lesser-Known Methods Of Gravel Hauling You Can Use As A Concrete Contractor

29 April 2016
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As a concrete contractor, you and your workers deal with a lot of gravel. It is used both in leveling a surface to prepare it for wet concrete/cement and to create wet concrete mixtures. However, you might be aware of only one or two methods of hauling gravel (one of those methods being a dump truck loaded down with gravel in the back). There are more methods you can use to transport gravel, which may be useful to you if your business extends beyond state and county borders. The following three methods are not commonly used or known, but they can be very useful under specific circumstances.

Gravel Hauling by Train

If the nearest quarry is several states over, you may need to get your gravel via train. Hopper cars loaded up with gravel can travel quickly across country and are not subject to the same weight rules as trucks are. The quarry fills every hopper truck to its limits, so your gravel shipment may be mixed in with another contractor's when it arrives. Through careful measuring and the weighing of an empty versus fully loaded-down truck, you can be sure that you get all of the gravel you paid for and had shipped via this gravel hauling method.

Gravel Hauling by Freighter

Frigate ships of yesteryear would load the cargo holds of boats with whatever was heavy so that storms at sea could not topple the boats. Following that example, modern freighters use shipments of very heavy materials to balance the weight of these massive boats while on the water. If you wanted to, you could fill a shipping container with gravel and send it to another project along the coasts or internationally (some high-end construction companies work internationally and do have supplies shipped from the U.S.).

Dry Gravel Hauling in an Empty Cement Mixer

If you have no other means to haul gravel, then you can haul it in a cement mixer. Since these trucks already transport the dry and wet ingredients to make cement, it is not such a bad idea to place gravel in the rotating barrels and transport the gravel this way. You will have to make sure that your crew has done a very good job of clearing any wet cement out of the mixers first, or your dry gravel may get quite stuck inside the mixer. Your drivers may not be able to transport as much of the gravel as they could in a dump truck, but in a pinch the mixer is your next best option for local gravel transport.

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