Make Landscaping Additions With Concrete

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Make Landscaping Additions With Concrete

4 May 2016
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If you are looking for a unique way to add to your landscaping, then you may want to think about creating some great concrete additions to place around your yard. This article will offer you instructions on making some concrete items that can help to give your yard some extra touches.

Make stepping stones

You can make stepping stones that have personalized touches to them and give your yard more of the feeling you are going for. To make stepping stones, you want to mix some fast drying concrete and pour it in shallow pans. You can use pans in different shapes to achieve some extra variety. Once the concrete is in the pans, tap them gently on a hard surface to work any air bubbles out.

Decorate the surface of the concrete any way you want. You can write a message in it with a sharp object, place pieces of colored glass in it for a mosaic design, have your children put their hands slightly in it to make handprints, push small stones down in it or come up with your own way to decorate each stepping stone.

Use broken concrete slabs to create seats

If you have recently had concrete broken in your yard, put some of the broken pieces to good use. You can stack them to create rustic looking seats in the yard. You can also dig out some sections of dirt and place slabs down into the dirt to make unique looking stepping stones.

If you have an area in your yard where your dog tries to dig under the fence, you can bury slabs of concrete under a few inches of dirt in those areas to keep the dog in and prevent unsightly holes from ruining the look of your yard.

Make various sized flower pots

You can make all kinds of flower pots by using different sized buckets. Spray a larger bucket with cooking spray and put about an inch of cement into the bottom. Stick about three short straws in the cement that go from the bottom of the bucket to the top of the cement. These will serve as drain holes. Take a bucket that's about an inch smaller than that bucket and spray cooking spray to the outside of it. Set it in the bucket with cement and then add more cement, filling the gaps between the two buckets.

When the cement has dried, carefully remove the smaller bucket. Then, lift the flower pot out of the outer bucket. Use a screwdriver to clean any cement from the inside of the straws. Let the new flowerpot have a few more days to dry and then you can decorate it with paint, of you choose to. For more information on concrete products, talk to a professional like