Learn How To Level Rooms In Your Home That Have Different Heights

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Learn How To Level Rooms In Your Home That Have Different Heights

4 December 2017
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When you purchase a home that has floors that are at different levels, you may want to consider leveling them. This can be a great way to make your home a more cohesive space and limit the chances of someone falling when they try to go from room to room. The following guide walks you through a few things to know about making all of the rooms in your home the same level.

You Can Use Concrete to Make the Process Quick and Easy

When you have floors at different levels in your home, you can easily make them all even by filling the lowered areas with ready mix concrete. This makes it very quick and easy to get all of the rooms the same level and will give you peace of mind that the floors in the rooms that were raised are strong and durable.

Professionals Should Spread the Concrete for You

It is best to hire professionals to spread the concrete in the rooms for you to ensure that it is done the right away. Framing will need to be created and steel bars will be put in place to reinforce the concrete so that it can be as strong as it can possibly be. The professional concrete contractors will know how to assemble the bars and spread the concrete so that it is strong and has a smooth finish when everything is said and done.

You Cannot Walk on the Floors for Quite Some Time

When you are leveling a floor, there is often a lot of concrete that will need to be used. Concrete can take a lot of time to harden, especially when it is inside of a home and poured very thickly. It is important to keep all pets and people away from the rooms that have concrete poured into them so that the floors are not damaged in any way and that no pets get stuck in the concrete. The concrete will be very tacky and could be difficult to get out of the fur of a pet.

Once the floors are finished, you can place hardwood flooring on them or simply polish them to create a very unique look. You can also choose to paint the floors if you want to customize the space even more. The concrete will look great and give you the durability that you need to be able to enjoy your home for years to come.