Buying Straw Bales For Your Project

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Buying Straw Bales For Your Project

8 October 2020
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Straw can be a surprisingly versatile material, but only farms will have a need to regularly order straw bales. This can leave individuals uninformed about the process of ordering straw bales since they might need less than a farm would.

Be Aware of the Wide Range of Uses Straw Bales Can Have

While it is true that straw bales are often used as feed for a variety of large animals, there are many other uses that it can have as well. For example, straw is often used to assist with erosion control for areas that are undergoing major construction or excavation work. Additionally, straw can be used as ground cover for a variety of plants, which can help the soil near the plants to retain moisture while also having nutrients returned to it as the straw breaks down.

Keep the Bales Protected Until You Need to Use Them

Straw can be an extremely useful material, but it is important to keep it protected until you are ready to use it. This will mean keeping the straw protected from moisture and pests. Otherwise, you may find that your straw bale has deteriorated to the point where it may no longer be in a suitable condition for your project's needs. At a minimum, this should involve you covering the straw bales with a protective tarp so that rain and condensation will be less likely to get on them. Treating the areas around the straw for pests can also reduce the risk of the straw being eaten by these animals or insects before you are able to use it.

Have a Plan for Safely Transporting the Straw Bales

Straw bales can be extremely large and very heavy. Additionally, they will need to be protected from the wind if the amount of straw that is lost during transport is to be kept to a minimum. As a result of these factors, you should spend time preparing plans for the transportation of the straw bales to your property. If you lack a truck and trailer that is capable of safely transporting these items, you should consider using a straw bale provider that will offer delivery services. While there will be added costs to have the straw bales delivered to your property, they will be less than what would be needed to rent a truck and trailer that is capable of hauling these items. Furthermore, this can also save you the labor and time needed to transport these items yourself.

For more information about straw bales, or if you are looking for straw bales for sale, contact a local seller.