Important Reasons to Use Professional Mudjacking for Your Property

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Important Reasons to Use Professional Mudjacking for Your Property

9 February 2021
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The concrete slab under your basement or crawlspace serves an important role in your home's integrity and value. When it suffers damages from moisture or shifting, you need to have it repaired quickly.

However, you may not have the time, experience, or equipment needed to fix this concrete slab. Instead, you need to use mudjacking services to make timely repairs to this important fixture under your home.

1. Avoiding Complete Replacements

When you use mudjacking to fix your concrete slab under your basement or crawlspace, you avoid the scenario of having to replace it. Replacing the entire slab can be expensive and time-consuming. The job involves tearing up the floor of your basement or crawlspace, which itself can entail noisy machinery, messy materials, and more time than you and your family can afford. 

Instead of facing replacing the slab, you can use mudjacking to repair cracks, holes, and crevices in the slab. This service makes the slab whole again and patches up damages that can spread and make a replacement the only viable option for your home.

2. Have Fewer Expenses

Another reason to use mudjacking involves saving yourself money on concrete slab repairs. The price for replacing the entire slab can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Your homeowners' insurance company likewise may not cover any of the expenses for you.

However, the price of mudjacking can be a fraction of what you would pay for replacing the slab. You can save money on fixing holes, cracks, and other damages. Your insurance company may also pay for some or all of the repairs if the damages were caused by a qualifying event like a flood or earthquake.

3. Get Fast Repairs

Finally, mudjacking is quick and can be finished in a matter of days, if not hours. You want to get back to your normal routine as quickly as possible. You do not want to bother with repair technicians coming in and out of your home for days on end. You can have the slab repaired and get back to your routine faster by using mudjacking services.

Mudjacking can offer your home several benefits. It spares you from having to tear up and replace the entire concrete slab under your basement or crawlspace. It also addresses damages like cracks and holes for less money. Finally, you can get the slab repaired faster and get back to your routine.