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concrete projects to stop water seepage in your garage

When it rains, does your garage fill with water? If this is something that has happened for many years, you maybe didn't even realize that it isn't something that should happen. Our blog will show you how some concrete can put a stop to the drainage issues that result in the wet floor in your garage. We will provide you with several suggestions that can help you find a solution to the water that will eventually damage the concrete flooring in your garage. Hopefully, the information we have provided here will be as helpful to you as it has been to others.


Three Great Benefits Of Ready Mix Concrete

28 April 2016
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Ready mix concrete is a type of solution that is prefabricated in a plant before it is sent to your work site, so that you don't have to handle the mixing on your own time. There are a number of professionals who use ready mix concrete throughout the course of their construction projects. If you want to learn about why this is so beneficial, you should read on and take advantage of these points to the best of your ability. Read More …

No Fuss, No Muss: Simple Ideas You Can Adopt For Ready Mix Concrete

26 April 2016
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If you have an idea that might involve concrete, or you are not sure how to transform an outdoor area, ready-mix concrete might be the solution for all of the above. Ready-mix concrete (from an outlet such as Jersons Concrete) is already the right consistency of concrete, water and solidifying and drying agents. Add to the fact that there are several concrete companies that now offer ready-mix concrete delivery and your projects and ideas are even easier to complete. Read More …

New Homeowner’s Guide: How to Reseal Your Concrete Driveway and Sidewalk

26 April 2016
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Now that spring has arrived, it's time to inspect your property for winter damage. Concrete is susceptible to the damage caused by the freeze and thaw cycles during the winter. The water from rain and melting snow drips into the porous surface of concrete driveways and sidewalks. The water turns into ice and expands when the freezing temperatures come. The ice will crack and break open the pores when it expands and cause the concrete surface to chip and crack. Read More …

What Should You Do About An Old Bathtub?

23 April 2016
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Because you use your bathtub daily, you may become blind to its faults. The scrapes and dings just become part of the landscape. However, not everyone is blind to the problem. Visitors can probably see what you can't: Your tub is bringing down the look of your entire bathroom. If you have this problem, you can choose from several options. New Tub A brand new tub itself does not cost that much. Read More …

Different Methods For Redesigning Your Kitchen’s Concrete Subflooring

22 April 2016
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Altering your concrete subflooring is a good way to replace the floor in your kitchen. By changing the concrete, you can minimize the supplies needed to complete the work. However, before altering the flooring, you need to more about the different design methods, so you can choose the right one for your kitchen. Stain It Your first option is to alter the color of the concrete. One way to do this is by staining the concrete the color of your choosing. Read More …